Our Philosophy

We aim to teach women fundamental truths about food and exercise; we do this by using gentle nutrition and intuitive movement to help you recover from pregnancy and childbirth, and restore your vitality throughout the fourth trimester and beyond.

Because we believe postpartum is forever. 

We focus on:

  • Prioritising rest above all else, especially during pregnancy and the fourth trimester;

  • Supporting your whole body i.e. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health;

  • Maintaining a weight-inclusive ethos i.e. we do not promote intentional weight loss and instead, focus on:

    • Creating healthy eating and exercise habits;

    • Identifying any injuries from pregnancy and birth and working with you to strengthen and heal (or refer to the appropriate practitioner if outside our scope);

    • Encouraging a healthy relationship with food;

    • Working with you to achieve health goals, independent of weight loss.

The Balanced Mama Project is for all women, whether you're an expectant, first-time mum or someone who has grown up children. We hear too many stories of women's health issues being ignored or downplayed as "women's issues" and not something to be investigated. 

You can sleep better, feel happy and balanced without going on a diet. You also shouldn't be putting up with peeing yourself whenever you sneeze. 

We can help with all of that...and everything else.