About Us

A holistic approach to the modern mother's wellbeing.

We are passionate about supporting women through motherhood, from pregnancy to the fourth trimester and beyond, with gentle nutrition and intuitive movement.



Katie is a Pilates, Barre & Pelvic Floor Exercise Specialist with an international dance career that spans over 10 years. She has been a Lululemon ambassador and develops teaching training programmes to up-skill those working in women's health and the wellness space.

Katie is a mum to two children and it was through her experience of pregnancy, birth (via two c-sections), and her own postpartum recovery that Katie saw a gap in the market. 

Katie dispels myths and delivers the facts about how to move your body safely. We love that Katie brings safe, fun and effective movement that is going to help repair and also challenge you.



Emily is a degree-qualified nutritionist with a special interest in maternal and infant nutrition. She uses a non-diet approach and will tailor her advice to your individual needs, life stage and lifestyle - without rigid meal plans or food rules.

Emily experienced a difficult time after the birth of her first child. This led her down the path of gentle parenting, gentle mothering and the importance of a slow postpartum.

It is Emily's hope that many more women will thrive in motherhood. She applies a non-judgmental, helpful and practical approach to nutrition.