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Rest, Repair, Restore

Online nutrition & exercise support for the modern māmā.



Our gold standard guide to your first twelve weeks.


Early Days

A mini course focusing on nutritional solutions to common issues and postnatal-safe workouts.

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Book an online consult with our nutritionist and/or postpartum movement specialist.


Events & Workshops

Come and see us at one of our in-person events or book us for your coffee group. 

The Balanced Mama Project

Designed to help you navigate your journey from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond. 

Intuitive eating and gentle movement to help you thrive and get back to exercise safely.

Short courses with recipes, audio, video workouts and education; practical tips, advice and support.

About Us

Emily Parks BSc Human Nutrition, associate registered nutritionist (NSNZ) with a special interest for maternal and infant nutrition.

Katie Swift REPs registered Pilates, Barre, fascia, pregnancy, postpartum and pelvic floor movement specialist.

Do you have a plan?

We work with women to prepare them for the fourth trimester: helping you set achievable goals for your return to exercise; teaching you how to adapt your diet for those early weeks of nourishing and inner repair; and encouraging you to slow down and be gentle with yourself.

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Wondering what to pack in your Hospital Bag?

‘The Early Days’ course by Katie and Emily is an essential buy for all mums, whether it be first time mums or otherwise! I am in the final stages of pregnancy with my second child and from my experience with my first, the postpartum period is difficult no matter how uncomplicated your pregnancy, labour or birth is.

It is so easy to get caught up in the desire to be perceived as ‘supermum’ but Katie and Emily provide us with a refreshing reminder that no mum is perfect and it’s so important to rest, refuel and not put so much pressure on yourself especially in the early days of motherhood with a newborn. The recipes are delicious and so easy to make, most of the ingredients you would find in your cupboard already. The exercise/movement videos are extremely informative with a strong focus on healing and taking things gently/slowly while your body recovers.

Thank you to Katie and Emily for reminding us that as much as the health of your baby is top priority, so is the health and wellbeing of the mum. Your well-researched, informed and qualified advice makes me feel much more prepared and educated this time around!

Fiona, London.


Are You Expecting?

We think The Fourth is perfect for you!

Twelve weeks of online content to dip in and out of. Meal plans, recipes, one handed snacks.

Movement to follow along with, exercises to repair and audio to guide you through pelvic floor engagement.

Not sure? Drop us an email and we can talk through the best options to suit you.

Starting Solids?

Emily will help you navigate the confusion of introducing solids to your baby and help you understand:

  • the signs of readiness

  • best first foods

  • HOW to offer solids (BLW vs puree)

  • moving through the stages 6-12m

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